If you’re up for your UK comedy-drama then you’re definitely in the right place and although we’ve got an obvious resemblance in this UK trailer to THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, Mr Pegg is definitely the audience pull here alongside a darn impressive cast.

Sometimes I think that certain types of films won’t be quite ‘got’ by a certain audience and this isn’t a disservice to our younger souls but more…you’ll only really understand once you get past 25. HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS is all about trying to find yourself again and there’s no hiding from this obvious point in the trailer.

Our lead is played by Simon Pegg as Hector, a psychiatrist who has become somewhat disillusioned with his life. After a series of incidents,  he confides in his girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) that he doesn’t feel like he’s ‘tasted life’ and decides to break out to try and find what it is he really wants…and heads out on a global quest for it.

I love this trailer, I know what it’s about & I’m sure we all know how he’s felt at some point in our lives. If you’re looking for more, click here for stills as well. Enjoy:

HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS opens in the UK on August 15th and in the USA on September 19th. The film is directed by Peter Chelsom and co-stars Toni Collette, Christopher Plummer, Jean Reno and Stellan Skarsgard.