We’ve previously had a little look at EARTH TO ECHO in both the first trailer and a really great initial poster, and now we’ve got a whole host of new stills, and a UK poster, to go with this upcoming family sci-fi adventure.

A few of us in the THN Film Camp like the nostalgia it appears to reveal in, with a story that looks to be centred towards a younger viewer first but don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a bad thing as we all know through the years with so many films finding that niche perfectly. The film is the directorial feature debut from Dave Green and debut screenplay for Henry Gayden. It stars up and coming talent Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hertwig and Ella Wahlestedt.

In this one, best friends Tuck, Munch and Alex are spending their last few days together before their houses are demolished by a highway construction project and they are forced to move away from each other. However, events take an unexpected turn when they start receiving cryptic signals on their mobile phones with maps directing them to a secret location. The inseparable trio are convinced that this could be the beginning of something great e and set out to crack the code. This leads them to encounter Echo, a mysterious alien from another planet who desperately needs their help in order to return home…a modern-day E.T.? Let’s hope so, here’s those shots and the poster:

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EARTH TO ECHO, is released in UK cinemas on July 25th.