from dusk till dawnDirector: Nick Copus

Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Wilmer Valerrama, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Eiza Gonzalez, Jake Busey, James Remar, William Sandler

Synopsis: Seth and Richie must play the trials to get out of the labyrinth.  Meanwhile the Fuller clan find Scott.

So this episode was a little different to what has come before it and, to be honest, if you left the room at any point during this episode, things could become very confusing.

It begins with a flashback to the Gecko brothers drunk father falling asleep with a lit cigarette.  Richie rushes in to save Seth from the flames and suddenly new vampire Richie awakens in Santanico’s lair all wounds healed and no longer in need of his glasses. Seth and co are still wandering around the catacombs, they come to a dead end but Sex Machine finds a device which leads to some stairs.  As they open the door they find themselves in the parking lot and see Santanico and Richie(with glasses) enter the RV.  Seth decides to see Richie but the others stay behind to look for Scott.  This is where things get a little odd.

As Seth enters and demands to know where Santanico is Richie vamps out and just as he is about to attack him, Richie(without glasses) knocks the vampire out.  Seth goes to stake Richie but can’t so leaves the RV.  Upon leaving he finds himself in a garage.  Santanico tells him that he is stuck in the labyrinth and they have to play the games for them all to be released. Meanwhile Kate tells Jacob that she realises her mother had took an overdose and that Jacob crashed the car speeding to get her to the hospital.  They literally run into our favourite Ranger Freddie Gonzalez who tells them that Scott is now a vampire and they have to leave.  They refuse and being the good guy he is, Gonzalez goes along with them.

Back at the real RV, Carlos and Scott are searching for the money.  Scott is wanting to find his family but Carlos tries to persuade him to stay.  They come upon the stashed bag to find it is empty as Scott runs off to find his family. We are back in the labyrinth and Santanico explains that whoever beats the trial will free her.  Knowing it is his only way out, Seth agrees and he and Richie are left with a table of weapons and maps.  It turns out they have to complete the botched job Seth was originally imprisoned for.  As they change clothes we find that Seth had taped the bonds to his chest for safe keeping.  This is where it gets rather cool as we find that some of the original players are people from the brother’s past.  During a scuffle with some of the players, Richie vamps out and starts feeding on one of them which leaves Seth in shock at what his brother has become.

Richie goes to find the big boss Big Jim played by William Sandler, and gets himself invited to his penthouse when he tells him he has the next big job.  As this happens Seth goes through a door to find his father,played by James Remar.  He times him cleaning and assembling his gun several times whilst telling him that Richie was a bad seed and started the fire.  Seth has a vision of Richie dousing everything in lighter fluid.  At this point it is still unclear whether this actually happened.

Kate and Sex Machine get separated from Jacob and Gonzalez during an ambush and they end up back in the ritual room.  Jake Busey gets all creepy and we realise that he intends to kill Kate.  We see via a flashback that Carlos got to him and promised him a new, better life.  Jacob and Gonzalez realise this but are trapped by vampires with no weapons.  Suddenly vamped out Scott arrives and kills all the vampires. The episode ends with a vamped out Richie shape shifting his way into the penthouse and meeting Seth.  Santanico and Carlos have another conversation about loyalty and it appears that Carlos believes the Gecko’s will try to con Santanico.

Overall a really good episode, the scenes of the Gecko brothers in action were really cool and it was nice to see James Remar and William Sandler.  With one episode left, I have no idea how they are going to fit everything into this.  I look forward to it though.

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