Madeleine Stowe

She’s arguably one of the most underrated actresses in recent history, within the ballpark of greatness during the Nineties for THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and TWELVE MONKEYS. Then Madeleine Stowe faded away a bit and Hollywood lost a strong female presence. She returned to prominence as the apex of small screen bitchiness for Revenge, but I for one couldn’t help wondering if a bigger project was going to come along more worthy of her talents.

With THE RUNNER this could well be her time to shine. Co-starring Nicolas Cage as a love rat congressman, Stowe plays the wife who turns a blind eye to his deceptions with the other firmly on the glory of elected office. Sounds like a case of “been there, done that”, but when the setting involves the BP oil spill that wrecked the Gulf Coast in 2010 my appetite is whetted, or at least slathered in black gunk.

Austin Stark will write, produce and direct in association with Paper Street Films (DETACHMENT) and Back Lot Pictures (SUNSHINE CLEANING). The movie will shoot in New Orleans next month.

Source: Deadline