Karen Gillan

Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan and American Horror Story‘s haunted starlet Taissa Farmiga have reportedly joined the cast of IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE.

Directed by Ti West and produced under the Blumhouse banner, the story will see Gillan and Farmiga as sisters running a hotel in an empty town. However, with the film set in the Western genre, it’s no surprise when wanderer Ethan Hawke’s character stumbles in, seeking revenge for the murder of his best friend. PULP FICTION favourite John Travolta co-stars.

Blumhouse Productions are responsible for the creepy SINISTER and THE PURGE, so there’s a good chance that IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE will pan out along the same lines. A super eerie, blood-splattered Western? It could work.

IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE is to start filming in June.

Source: Deadline