Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Marcel Rodriguez

Director: Fede Alvarez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Wilmer Valerrama, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Eiza Gonzalez, Jake Busey

Synopsis: Santanico tries to lure Richie to the darkside as Seth and the gang head down to the catacombs in search of a way out.

After a quick flashback of Carlos’ past life as a Conquistador, the episode starts in Santanico’s lair.  She has Richie but cannot turn him unless he comes freely to her.   There is some discussion about how Ranger Freddie Gonzalez is still alive but all we get is that he may be from some kind of ancient bloodline.  Big coincidence there.

Upstairs Seth has a knife to Gonzalez and is also questioning how he is still alive.  Gonzalez tells them that he might have found a way out and will lead them to safety but Seth and Kate are having none of it.  So they tie him up and the gang head down into the deep catacombs.

Of course our favorite Ranger manages to escape and has a rather cool fight with Carlos.  I really love Jesse Garcia’s Gonzalez, his character is the highlight of the whole series.  Anyway Carlos delves into his backstory some more and we find out how he met Santanico.  He also admits that Richie hadn’t killed all those women only the bank teller, and that was only because Santanico had brainwashed him to do so.  Just as Gonzalez is about to kill Carlos, he is knocked out by newly vamped Scott.  Luckily he manages to fall through a trapdoor.

Meanwhile Santanico is still trying to persuade a dying Richie to join her.  To be honest this was all a bit samey and rather dull. I feel too much of this episode was wasted on these scenes.

Back in the catacombs Jake Busey’s Sex Machine gets in some good lines as does Seth when it is mentioned that the cult can communicate with aliens.  Please, this show does NOT need aliens!

Remember Frost from the original FROM DUSK TILL DAWN? Well, he makes an appearance as the gang run into a store room.  Turns out he has been hiding out in there for quite a while and is rather bitter about it.  He explains that outside is the entrance to the underworld and the only thing to be frightened of is what is in their head.  Of course I would be more scared of the fanged fiends.  He allows the gang to pick some weapons and tells them they have to leave without even offering them a cup of tea.

As they leave and forgetting everything Frost told her, Kate succumbs to a hallucination where she sees her mother overdose on pills.  Jacob snaps her out of it and she is quickly taken away by the vamps, hopefully for good.

Unfortunately I’m not that lucky and she has been tied to a sacrificial altar ready to be sliced.  The gang come in and rescue her just as the knife is about to pierce her annoying flesh.  As more vamps come in the gang are outnumbered, Frost suddenly makes an appearance and tells them to run as he takes down the vampires whilst blowing himself up in a scene very reminiscent of ALIENS.

The episode ends with Richie and Santanico, after telling him about how he needs to leave Seth, Santanico goes ahead and bites Richie.  This is really odd as he never really asked for it.  I saw no motion on his part that he was willing so why was a big deal made of it?

Overall, a good episode spoiled by the Santanico and Kate scenes.

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