After having watched the awesomeness that was Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA, we can now get excited for the sequel to his low-budget debut MONSTERS. Although MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT isn’t directed by the man himself,it certainly seems to be following in his footsteps. The focus is once again on the human element, and the entire trailer is voiced over with an amateurish but very effective poem. It’s a brand new take on trailers that shoves aside Nolan “WWWWHHHHHUUUUUMMMMSSSS”. This time we follow a group of soldiers in the Middle East as man takes on man and some giant sand monsters. It certainly appears to be an extension of Edwards’ universe, where monsters are now part of our everyday life, rather than being just a series of gigantic set pieces.

This time Tom Green, known for hit Channel 4 series Misfits takes over the directorial duties, and it seems as though he gone done good. The atmosphere, the visuals, it all looks like it’s falling into place for a sequel that could rival the original.

Source: IGN