‘Iron Sky’ Sequel Raises $200,000 In 24 Hours


Cult hit IRON SKY has crowdfunded over $200,000 for a sequel and further development of the brand, including other films, video games and a TV series based on the Nazis-on-the-moon original.

The Finnish production company behind the film are now pitching the sequel, IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE, to buyers at Cannes Film Festival.

IRON SKY’s campaign is unique in that instead of simply accepting donations from fans, as did the recent VERONICA MARS crowdfunding effort, the producers are actually selling shares in Iron Sky Universe, the company that owns the IRON SKY brand.

The crowdfunding campaign itself has been extended until Tuesday, 20th May, with plans to carry out a second round of funding in the works for later this year.

The original IRON SKY film was a riot, and definitely on the better end of the ‘they-know-they’re-shit B-movies’ spectrum, so hopefully the sequel will get picked up at Cannes. And the prospect of a TV series and video game sound almost too good to be true, because who doesn’t love shooting moon Nazis from the comfort of their own sofa?

Source: THR

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