Although Baz Luhrmann has been rumoured for the KUNG FU movie next, this Warner Bros project seems a more probable given his history with stylistics and music – an all-new Elvis Presley biopic!

Luhrmann appears to be one of those love/hate directors and although I’ve not been a fan of every single project, I do think he has a unique take on directing and brings something fresh to almost everything he takes on. The obvious early work stands out for me, but also THE GREAT GATSBY was vastly underrated and gave an impressive life to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work.

There’s not a vast amount of specific news at this early stage, but we do know the script it by Kelly Marcel and that Baz would surely pick his usual creative team, and that generation is ripe for a Catherine Martin overhaul, who is Luhrmann’s wife and Oscar-winning costume designer. We’ve also learned that Warner Bros have the rights to all the songs, so the possibilities are huge – whoever takes it on in the end.

As always, THN will bring you the news as we hear it and let us know who you think would be perfect for The King.


Source: TheWrap