If, like me, you hadn’t heard of THE ROVER before this morning, it’s time to educate yourself. Today we bring you the brand new trailer for the drama, written by THE GREAT GATSBY’s Joel Edgerton and directed by David Michod (ANIMAL KINGDOM, writer behind HESHER).

Guy Pearce (LAWLESS) stars as Eric, a man trying to survive in Australia’s unforgiving outback. As the world’s population falls to its own greed, Eric clings on to the little possessions he owns, until a gang raid the village and steal his truck, leaving behind Rey (Robert Pattinson – TWILIGHT). Bitterly angry, Eric drags Rey across the desert in search of the gang, his truck, and Rey’s brother Henry (Scoot McNairy – MONSTERS), who forfeited his flesh and blood for a taste of the ‘good life’. David Field (Blue Heelers), Anthony Hayes (ANIMAL KINGDOM) and Tawanda Manyimo (RAGE) co-star.

From the start of the trailer you can tell how much work has gone into producing a beautiful film. The cinematography, framing and colours of each shot are stunning, so this is definitely not one to miss.

THE ROVER will arrive in US cinemas from 13th June, with the UK following from 22nd August.

Source: YouTube