Our great friends over at CineMast in the US recently attended the Salt Lake City Comic-Con Fan Experience and just happened to run into Zach Galligan, he who played the role of Billy Peltzer in the original GREMLINS movie back in 1984.

They asked the man himself if there were going to be any more GREMLINS movies, to which he replied, without missing a beat; “Maybe in a year or two.”

No big news you may say, as we all know that there’s a potential reboot in the works, but we have no more official info other than that the studio behind the films, Warner Brothers, are looking to revive the much-loved series with a modern flare.

CineMast‘s own John Pugh, did however, push for more info. He asked if he would be a part of the project in any capacity and Galligan himself said that he would probably appear in a minor role.

So, do we assume that the film is more of a sequel than reboot? The site has more info.

Galligan also indicated that Joe Dante would most likely not be involved in the flick…At least not as director (Boo! Hiss!) Pugh ended the brief chat by telling Galligan that he truly hoped whoever ends up making the movie, they go the puppetry route as opposed to CGI to which Galligan suggested that Mr. Pugh would most likely be disappointed. Translation; If this movie does in fact get made, prepare for an onslaught of CG Gremlins (Double Boo! Double Hiss!)

So there you have it. I wouldn’t call this legitimate news because Zach Galligan is merely an actor. He’s waiting patiently just like the fans. In the end, he was simply sharing what he’s been hearing.

The GREMLINS reboot/ remake, or whatever it is, is said to be on the fast-track at Warner Bros. We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

Source: CineMast