Written By: Robert Rodriguez,  Alvaro Rodriguez

Director: Dwight Little

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Wilmer Valerrama, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Eiza Gonzalez, Jake Busey

Synopsis: The Gecko brothers finally arrive at the Titty Twister, but things are not all what they seem as Seth learns some truths about Carlos.

The episode we have all been waiting for, we are finally inside the Titty Twister!

During the film, most of the action is based inside the bar so it’s nice to see that they have managed to capture the sleazy look from the film. Although there are things sorely missed like Cheech Marin’s doorman and that infamous speech as well as Danny Trejo’s icy barman. The rest of the bar seems pretty spot on. The show has become quite exciting now, as I truly do not know how they are going to carry on. During the film Richie is bitten and killed quite early on, in this show Richie’s character is a lot more important and I can’t see them turning him into a vampire…not yet anyway.

Salma Hayek’s Santanico Pandemonium had her infamous snake dance and was pretty much killed not long after biting Richie. Again, I think she will play more of a role in this series, the episode ended right before her dance so we shall see. The roles of Seth and Richie seem to have reversed at the moment. Seth has become highly strung and is picking fights with everyone whilst Richie seems to have had a spiritual awakening and sees the bar as his nirvana.

Freddie Gonzalez stumbles along some heads on spikes whilst in the desert and they cryptically tell him where to find Carlos. He arrives at a rundown diner and is lured to the backroom/shrine by a young boy. It is all a trap and Gonzalez is beaten by Carlos and his crew, who then takes the knife away from him. He takes some of his blood and uses it to see into Freddie’s past and threaten his family.

During a fight, Seth is saved by a rival of Carlos’ who tells him that El Rey doesn’t exist and that Carlos owns the bar and is basically bad news for the brothers. Meanwhile Kate having had a disagreement with Jacob goes in search for Richie. She bumps into the professor Gonzalez met with and he introduces himself as ‘Sex Machine’ . Now, personally I find the idea of Jake Busey playing Sex Machine hilarious. I just enjoy the quirkiness he brings to roles and I think he is going to play a rather different character to Tom Savini’s depiction.

Back at the diner and Carlos has left his vampire drones to torture and kill Gonzalez, somehow he manages to escape in a cool ‘tied to a chair’ fight. He frees himself and cuts off their heads before stealing a motorcycle and makes his way to the Titty Twister. Kate finds Richie in the middle of a lap-dance and another awkward exchange follows. He tells her he feels at home and she asks him to free her before kissing him. It’s a bit icky and so awkward, I’m really not feeling this Kate at all. Juliette Lewis brought guts to the role and was instantly likeable. Luckily for the audience, Seth interrupts them and tries to get Richie to leave. Richie is having none of it and pulls a knife on Seth.

Carlos has arrived at the bar and gives the mystic knife to the bartender before making his way to the stage. He introduces Santanico Pandemonium just as Gonzalez arrives and Richie finally realises the woman in his visions is real. It seems the next episode will really set the tone for how this story is going to pan out. It’s clear that Carlos and Santanico are bigger characters and Richie is pivotal to the plot. I am hoping we see Jacob take the lead soon as Robert Patrick is pretty underused so far and he has the talent to really make Jacob his own.

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