Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Coto

Director: Eduardo Sanchez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Jake Busey, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Wilmer Valderrama, Adrianne Palicki

Synopsis: Richie’s visions take over as Seth gets them closer to the border. Freddie Gonzalez learns of ancient Mayan rituals and how the brothers could be linked.

Now we hit the third episode, and we slow the pace a little. We learn more about key characters and another is introduced but it all seems a little drawn out. I’m not sure whether it’s because it had completely deviated from the film and had all new material or because we’re waiting for them to get moving again.

This episode begins with Seth in prison and bare knuckle fighting. Now, we finally get to see that cool tribal tattoo that George Clooney sported in the film. We are shown Carlos visiting him and them both planning the heist and he seems to have a special interest in Richie.

We also learn the true nature of Carlos as he vamps out when a cartel delivery goes wrong. Wilmer Valderrama really shines as the evil bloody sucking cartel boss. Cheech Marin’s Carlos was pretty much a comical afterthought but this new Carlos seems really central to the series.

After the Geckos arrive at a motel with the hostage (in a scene very reminiscent of the film), we see Seth head off to get some food. He instantly has a tryst with a woman that we later learn is his wife Vanessa, and things go a little sour when Seth tries to pay her off and she learns that she won’t be going to Mexico with him.

Meanwhile the Fullers are having a little problem with the RV, after pulling in Jacob heads to a bar and whilst looking longingly at all the booze everything clicks into place. Jacob is about to fall off the wagon! In the same bar Freddie Gonzalez sites with Jake Busey, who plays a professor, as they discuss ritual sacrifice and the mysterious knife. During this time Kate enters the bar to find her dad drunk and obnoxious.

Ever wonder what happened in that hotel room in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN? We find out in this episode with Richie pacing around trying to ignore his visions. He turns to the bank teller and sees a beautiful siren enticing him. It turns out not only is Richie having visions, but he can see things in people. He knows things about the teller that nobody else can know.

We then head back to Gonzalez and the professor as we learn about the ‘Mistress’, the girl who was thrown in the snake pit has been turned by a serpent god. Gonzalez seems to take this in very well as he has now gone from ranger to monster hunter. After examining an ancient map Gonzalez thinks he has found where the Geckos are heading. We hear of a Mayan prophecy about two brothers who will be summoned to the underworld.

Things have turned sticky when Seth encounters a cop at the restaurant. Vanessa soon takes care of the situation as she takes the cop hostage leaving Seth to escape. Will she tell the police of the Geckos plan or just take the money and leave?

Back with the Fullers and Kate discovers that her dad has been charged with DUI and manslaughter. Their little vacation has become clear and after a near miss when Jacob drunkenly backs the RV into her, she decides to take charge and carry on the journey.

The episode ends back at the motel as Seth discovers Richie has horribly mutilated the bank teller. Richie seems pretty calm about the whole thing and we as an audience are left wondering what the hell has gone on. We’ll find out soon enough!

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