Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Matt Morgan

Director: Joe Menendez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Wilmer Valerrama

Synopsis: Things heat up when the Gecko brothers try to cross the border. Freddie Gonzalez will stop at nothing for revenge even if it means his badge.

Finally, this show is starting to get back on track! After last week’s poor effort, we’re now trying to cross the border. Fans of the film will remember this short scene pretty well, so it’s nice to have a whole episode dedicated to it.

The mystery surrounding the death of Jacob’s wife is finally revealed when we learn she had mental health issues. During a late night drive she tries to throw herself out of the car and Jacob, whilst trying to stop her, swerves and crashes. He blames himself deeply and explains how he has lost his faith. As you know, this will all become rather important later.

On the other side of things, Freddie Gonzalez has been arrested at the motel for continuing with the case and basically causing mayhem. But nothing will stop Gonzalez as he quickly knocks out the officer, steals his car and makes a hasty escape towards the border.

After a little altercation with Scott suddenly producing a gun, Jacob manages to rear end a car at the border control. Robert Patrick gives us a glimpse of his dark side as he punches the driver out and stashes him in the RV. To further complicate matters, Scott driving the other car is taken in by the officers for his extremely poor attempt at lying.

Just as Gonzalez spots the RV he is also taken in for questioning as the officers get the call he has gone rogue. After he basically tells the border agent everything about the Gecko brothers, he is left locked in an office as the agent heads out to investigate the RV.

Like the film, Seth and Richie have Kate at gunpoint in the toilet as Jacob tries to fool the lady border officer. It doesn’t work and with the unconscious driver under a blanket, the officer enters the RV. Just as she is about to open the toilet door, she is called away by the agent who has revealed himself to the audience as Carlos wearing a skin suit. He gets Scott onto the RV and sends them on their merry way. How he can walk around in daylight we are yet to know, but he is really particular about getting the brothers into Mexico.

Back in the office, Gonzalez discovers a bloody body and breaks out of the office beating people up along the way. He spots the RV crossing the border and bumps into Carlos who shows his true face. As a fight erupts and a little gunfire breaks out, Carlos calmly dodges the bullets and heads across the border with his cronies.

The episode ends as we see Gonzalez say goodbye to his ranger persona as he sheds his gear and crosses the border by river. The RV pulls into the infamous Titty Twister bar and we are left excited for the next episode when we will finally meet Santanico Pandemonium!

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