Stan Lee Spider-Man

This year is an incredibly busy one for Marvel and as a result it’s a great time to be either a geek or film fan, as 2014 will see the release of four different Marvel productions on the big screen (not to mention a whole host of television projects). We have already caught up with Steve Rogers in the excellent CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and next month we will be travelling back to the seventies to prevent a cataclysmic future in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

This week UK theatres has seen the highly anticipated return of our favourite web-slinger in Sony’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and to celebrate the release, THN will count down the top five cameos made by the man who started it all…I am of course referring to the creative genius and superhero godfather that is Stan Lee.

It’s now a treat and tradition to see Stan Lee receive a special cameo appearance in (most) Marvel films,and so…here we go!

Stan Lee Hulk

5. HULK (2003) – Security Guard

2003’s lacklustre HULK had several talking points, countless disagreements and many disappointments but one of the few positive factors to take away is Stan Lee’s fantastic cameo in one of his earliest special appearances. This cameo came at a time in the early 2000’s when superhero properties were just beginning to take off in the aftermath of SPIDER-MAN’s mammoth success at the box office. Despite the fact that Ang Li’s HULK failed to spawn a new franchise (a failure also repeated by 2008’s very underrated reboot) the film is admirable in its aspirations and on top of that we get a great cameo from Lee.

What makes this particular cameo special is that we’re treated to appearances from not just one legend…but two! That’s right, Lee is also joined by the original jade giant Lou Ferrigno as a fellow security guard receiving advice from his elder co-worker. It’s fantastic to see these two icons share the screen together for those treasured few seconds of screen time, and it’s here that HULK  delivers a great Easter egg, with the creator of everyone’s favourite rampaging beast and the first actor to embody the character both receiving a glorious tip of the hat to the history. Both Lee and Ferrigno also re-appear in films pseudo sequel/reboot THE INCREDIBLE HULK but sadly not in the same frame this time round.