Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Diego Gutierrez

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Wilmer Valderrama, Don Johnson

Synosis: With Richie’s visions becoming stronger, the Gecko brothers make a swift escape from the liquor store bloodbath.

After the fun-packed pilot, we take things down a notch with a more character-establishing episode. That’s not to say this episode is a snooze, but it’s a little more sedate.

It seems this episode is all about the brotherly bond, or lack of, a bank robbery and introducing the Fuller family. The robbery almost has a POINT BREAK feel about it as Seth and Richie seem to take over the bank with ease as things don’t go quite to plan. Those brothers can never catch a break and with a lady bank-teller now tied up in the car boot, they drive through the desert with Seth trying to contact Carlos and Richie, while getting messages from several evil folk.

Meanwhile, we are properly introduced to a very different Fuller family. With Robert Patrick taking on the role of Jacob, gone is the cool, calm and collected character Harvey Keitel perfected, instead we have a twitchy being, who’s harbouring a dark secret. Scott and Kate have been modernised with the latter being somewhat bratty and eager for her boyfriend to come rescue her. It seems daddy Fuller has gone a little bit nutty after his wife’s death and decided to take them away on a ‘vacation’.

And what of Freddie Gonzalez ? After making a promise to dying Earl McGraw, Freddie has turned bounty hunter. With only a mysterious knife, he sets off to track down the brothers. Seth and Richie really aren’t doing great, forcing Seth to pull over because of the ‘voices’ and the brothers get into a fist fight. Seth can’t quite believe how crazy his brother is and Richie is in search of an invisible body.

We see our first vampire in this episode, when Kate’s bible bashing boyfriend picks up a hitchhiker during his trek to rescue her. Things do not bode well for him and after feeding on the poor boy, we also learn that these vampires can shape shift into their victims.

Back with the Geckos and Richie is carrying the supposed mutilated body of the bank teller around the dessert in some kind of trance until Seth informs him he is carrying around a dead dog. This is where Richie finally accepts that his visions are real and Seth finally accepts that Richie has lost it.

The episode ends with Gonzalez just missing the brothers, but not the giant eye drawn in blood. What does this mean? Is Carlos involved in some way? We will have to wait and see…

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