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If you’ve not yet managed to watch Jim Rash and Nat Faxon’s tremendous THE WAY WAY BACK, then I can’t recommend it enough. It is, at heart, a quintessential ‘coming of age‘ drama but so much more with performances from all the cast that are above and beyond your standard affair.

Two of the stand-out performances in that one were Sam Rockwell, who can’t do anything wrong in my opinion, and the wonderful Allison Janney, so it’s great news to hear they’re planning to team up again with Rash and Faxon, who also wrote another favourite of mine: THE DESCENDANTS.

This new project is THE HEART, an action-comedy that Rockwell and Janney are currently in talks to join the confirmed Kristen Wiig. The only part of the plot that we know – so far – is that funny-lady Wiig will play a cash-strapped soul who agrees to deal in black market organs with a man (possibly Rockwell), she has only just met.

Rash and Faxon have written the script with Indian Paintbrush and they also take THE WAY WAY BACK’s producer Kevin J. Walsh along for the ride. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the news!

Source: TheWrap