John Pogue is the director of the current Lionsgate/Hammer Horror film THE QUIET ONES, which had its world premiere on Monday and is out in UK cinema from 10th April.

With its debut not too far away, we have gone back to look through his catalogue of work to reintroduce him to the public, making note of his most recent and past work.


Being a man of many talents, he holds the title of Writer, Director and Producer, known for films such as U.S. MARSHALLS (1998), of which his is the writer, depicting the story of a Marshall and his officers, who have been tasked with the duty of bringing down a prison escapee, convicted of murder and robbery.


He also co-wrote the screenplay for GHOST SHIP (2002), a story about a ship crew who discover the remnants of an abandoned passenger ship, and after deciding to tow the ship back to harbour, discover it’s a literal vessel for demonic activity.

Other titles Pogue has worked on include writing and directing QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL (2011), a gripping picture about a plane that undergoes quarantine after being affected by a mysterious virus. Adding to his line of work, he previously wrote THE SKULLS (2000), a crime drama about Luke McNamara, a Harvard University hopeful, who joins a secret elitist fraternity group in hopes of gaining a position at the prestigious university.


Pogue has undeniably written a long list of varied and captivating films, and THE QUIET ONES is no different in maintaining the same standard of work.  In this Paranormal-esque horror, Pogue portrays the messed up rational of an Oxford University professor, who is intent on finding out what spirit surrounds his subject, at any cost.

You can catch THE QUIET ONES in cinema on April 10th, all our coverage so far by clicking here and here’s the brand new UK poster, complete with our highly recommended quote on top:

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