Here’s the teaser trailer for the long awaited SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE!

Created by Aardman, the geniuses behind WALLACE & GROMIT, CHICKEN RUN and THE PIRATES! IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS, this is first big screen adaptation of the wooly hero’s TV show. The hit Children’s BBC programme is itself a spin-off from WALLACE & GROMIT’S A CLOSE SHAVE which marked Shaun’s debut and propelled him to superstardom.

The film features all the characters from the TV version, including Shirley, Bitzer the Sheepdog, the oblivious farmer and the adorable baby Timmy, who also got his own show for very young kids. This could be something rather special, take a look:

SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE is coming to cinemas worldwide in spring 2015.