Pot smoking duo, Cheech and Chong are set to return to the big screen with another slice of stoner life.

Although Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong have appeared together in numerous movies, this new project will be their first official feature since the ’80s. Previous cult hits for the pair include UP IN SMOKE, CHEECH AND CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE and STILL SMOKIN.

SUPER TROOPERS director and Broken Lizard comedy troupe member Jay Chandrasekhar is writing and directing the film. It focusses on a trip to the music festival “Burning Joint”. We’re not quite sure of the time frame yet, but both cameras and joints could get rolling this summer. No doubt fans will be hoping for a return to form for the comedy pair, and according to Chong, preliminary meetings are already under way. He says:

It looks really good. It looks really funny. It’s about us going to a festival called the Burning Joint. All sorts of shenanigans happen. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

More on this story when we hear it.

Source: CelebStoner

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