The first poster for forthcoming movie THE MAZE RUNNER has been unveiled! The film is another adaptation from a young adult book series, written by James Dashner, and should it perform well there are three other books in the series, two sequels and a prequel.

The plot is very sci-fi and vaguely reminiscent of CUBE as a group of teenagers awake to find themselves trapped within the walls of a giant maze as part of an unidentified test. It is being directed by Wes Ball, a veteran of visual effects work but a first time feature director. The cast includes Teen Wolf‘s Dylan O’Brien, Skins actress Kaya Scodelario, and the BAFTA Rising Star winning Will Poulter.

The poster impressively shows-off just how enormous a structure the maze is, check it out below:


Tomorrow will see the first trailer hit the web so don’t forget to check back with us for that.

THE MAZE RUNNER will be released in the US on 19th September 2014 and a month later on 24th October in the UK.

Source: Digital Spy