Bill, Helen McCrory
Helen McCrory has been cast as Queen Elizabeth in the debut film from the Horrible Histories team, BILL.

McCrory is probably best known for playing Narcissa Malfoy in the HARRY POTTER series as well as appearing in Doctor Who as a vampire fish queen. But the Olivier Award nominated actor is one of the most respected thespians treading the boards in the UK today and is an impressive acquisition for what is already a very exciting project.

BILL is a spin-off from the BAFTA winning Horrible Histories , arguably one of the greatest sketch shows ever to grace our TVs and certainly one of the most popular family programmes in living memory. Cast members Martha Howe-Douglas, Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond (who went on to write and star in Sky One’s Yonderland) all make the leap from the show to silver screen with Baynton taking the titular role and Willbond and Rickard on writing duties. Baynton has portrayed Shakespeare many times on the show, usually with the more traditional look of ruff and bald head. Here we see him cutting more dashing figure as the eponymous Bill, making him the sexiest Shakespeare since Joseph Feinnes rocked the tights back in 1998. The movie tells the untold (and possibly slightly embellished) story of William Shakespeare’s ‘lost years’ in what the writers call a ‘comedy for all the family.’ They elaborate, ‘We’re playing with history, just as Shakespeare did, for the entertainment of the audience. And we like to think he’d be OK with it. Apart from the bit where he’s dressed as a tomato.’

Bill, Horrible Histories

BILL is directed by Richard Bracewell and will be released on 20th February 2015.

Source: Bill The Film Twitter