rat pack rat

Director: Todd Rohal.

Starring: Eddie Rouse, Steve Little, Margie Beegle.

Synopsis: A Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonator is hired via Craigslist to perform for a boy’s birthday party. However, the boy is not a boy at all, but a bed-ridden and severely ill man (Little). Connected to hoses, tubes and IV’s, the man has a very specific short list of requests for Sammy Davis, Jr. 

Short films can always be tricky. Their very nature means that they have a distinctly limited amount of time to convey a story. The only way to deliver an impressive short is to make sure that you have a good hook to your story, RAT PACK RAT has definitely managed to find not one, but several.

Funded through Kickstarter, RAT PACK RAT is an exceptionally quirky movie that is comically dark in tone, and will get you thinking. You can’t not feel sorry for the impersonator as he arrives at the newspapered house, and realises that this won’t be the usual gig. The mother and son in the house appear to be living in their own little bubble where the Rat Pack are still kings. What starts odd, turns strange, then sinister, before ending on a rather sombre note.

This short will keep you engaged and guessing where the story is going right up until the last minute.

[usr=4] RAT PACK RAT is screening at the Sundance Film Festival.

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