Columbia Pictures Draw Up Directing Shortlist For ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Reboot


Following the directing departure of Jon M. Chu late last year after guiding early pre-production on the much-anticipated remake of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, it appears the studio have drawn up a list of potential replacements. Chu moved on to concentrate on a second sequel to action franchise G.I. JOE, as well as another sodding Justin Bieber documentary(!), leaving Columbia Pictures to sought a new helmer. The project, which is thought to be titled GRAYSKULL after the home of sword-swinging hero He-Man, now has a shortlist of new directors.

LOOPER’s Rian Johnson, MAMA’s Andres Muschetti and ATTACK THE BLOCK’s Joe Cornish (who was most recently rumoured for STAR TREK 3) are thought to be interesting the studio. As are the directing double-acts of Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders (THE CROODS), and Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 JUMP STREET).

Having previously been brought to the big-screen in Gary Goddard’s camp 1987 fantasy starring Dolph Lundgren, FACE/OFF’s John Woo had been closest to bring the cult cartoon and toy line back to the big-screen in the early 2000s. Will one of these bunch have the power to bring the world of Eternia to life this time around?

As ever, we’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Aj Beamish

    January 12, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Chu single-handedly fucked up the GI Joe franchise beyond repair. Who the hell is he blowing in Hollywood to keep getting these gigs? Seriously, who’s idea was it to let the only guy alive that thinks Krush Groove was a good movie direct an action film series? Especially one that got off to such a great start.

    Just keep this guy directing crappy dance flicks and leave the action movies to the professionals.

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