Zoe Bell: Raze

Although we’re still awaiting a director of Millennium Films’ all-female version of their testosterone-filled action franchise THE EXPENDABLES, a number of lovely ass-kicking ladies have already signed on. The project known as THE EXPENDABELLES, currently has a script by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, with HAYWIRE’s Gina Carano, RIDDICK’s Katee Sackhoff and YOU’RE NEXT’s Sharni Vinson ready to kick ass!

Now, a natural name has come into the frame with Quentin Tarantino’s stunt muse Zoe Bell (KILL BILL, DEATH PROOF) confirming, while promoting her survival thriller RAZE, that she’s been approached and met with the producers, and she’d love to be involved:

“I’ve been in and I’ve met. Yes, I’ve had meetings with people, but they haven’t got a director attached yet so that’s the next thing. I would obviously love to be involved in it.”

Who else would you love to see involved in the action spinoff?

Source: CraveOnline

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