Oh my glob, THN are doing a run-down of the best guest stars to visit the Land of Ooo? That’s right, we are. In honour of the Adventure Time FINALLY reaching the inevitable, long-awaited and what will surely be a bank-balance destroying UK DVD release, we’re doing a rundown of our favourite guest stars across the series as well as who we would like to see in future installments. Mathematical!

1. Ron Perlman as The Lich.The_Lich_King
Why he’s here: The Lich, in Pendleton Ward’s own words, embodies absolute evil. He is a major antagonist in the series, perhaps arguably the most powerful foe Finn and Jake have had to face thus far. When he wants something destroyed, he just raises a legion of undead knights, marches in and obliterates it. Dealing with him is series and dangerous business. So it’s really quite apt that we have Perlman, actors of all-around bad guys and bad-asses alike to play him. (The Lich has one fatal flaw however, he cannot read between brackets. Send help. He made me put him in this article.)

Fear_Feaster2. Mark Hamill as Fear Feaster.
Why he’s here: Though voicing another, seemingly benevolent character, Punchy the punch bowl, the actor now most recognised for his impressive voice acting career has a knack for evil. Reminiscent of The Joker in his voices for both Fear Feaster and Evil Guy, Hamill really has the hilariously psychotic down to a key and it’s really quite difficult not to love him for it. But if that doesn’t do it for you, or if Pendleton Ward can’t produce any more characters from his seemingly infinite Imagination,worst case scenario, Hamill could always fall back on perhaps his most recognisable role of a Jedi.