It’s undoubtedly the next big one for the BBC, well after the Doctor Who Christmas special and a regeneration, and the question on everyone’s mind in ‘What happened to Sherlock’ at the end of Season 2?

Sense that rooftop finale, which seems like an age ago, there have been rumours of every fashion and design to try and explain how he escaped his own death and so when episode one airs on January 1st, we’re sure Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss will dive in and give us the answer – right?!

Tonight, and hot off the press, we’ve got the brand new, shiny brilliant BBC Sherlock season 3 stills for you. They look like they cover the opening episode ‘The Empty Hearse‘, some general ‘cast’ shots PLUS, check out the beauties below with more in the gallery:

Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock

Source: BBC