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We’re still waiting on the official title for Stephen Frears‘ currently-shooting Lance Armstrong biopic but we’ve news of a Hollywood icon joining the cast of the film being led by Ben Foster. Once filming has completed on location in Europe, production will move to the United States. It’s here that Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman is set to hook up with the rest of the cast and crew in the outing of the disgraced drug cheating cyclist.

Frears’ film, based on sports journalist David Walsh’s best-selling book ‘Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit Of Lance Armstrong’, sees the intense Foster as the seven-time Tour du France winner who was later stripped of those titles. Irish actor and star of The IT Crowd, Chris O’Dowd, plays the determined Walsh. No word on Hoffman’s role but he rounds out the main cast which also includes Jesse Plemmons (Breaking Bad), Guillaume Canet (TELL NO ONE) and THE HOBBIT star Lee Pace. TRANCE’s John Hodge wrote the screenplay and Working Title are producing.

Source: Deadline