Paul Walker: A Tribute

Paul Walker

This Weekend we broke the sad news that actor Paul Walker passed away on Saturday after being involved in a fatal car accident. The California native was a passenger in a friend’s car, driving back from an event for the star’s charity Reach Out World Wide, when they lost control which led to a horrific crash.

Walker was just forty years old, and adds to the growing list of celebrities who have been taken too soon, joining people such as River Phoenix, Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger. He came to the world of film after a stint as a model, something that he has gone back to in recent years as a spokes-person for male fragrance brand Davidoff. It was supporting roles in teen films SHE’S ALL THAT and VARSITY BLUES that saw him start to get noticed. From here he made a little known film called THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. The popularity of this film saw him sky-rocket up the Hollywood ladder, it also saw a string of sequels, each becoming more successful than the last. Filming on the latest in the series FAST 7 is not yet complete and no details have emerged yet as to how these tragic events will impact on the story, however we can expect the studio to compile a poignant tribute for the star.

Behind the scenes Walker was actively involved in the already mentioned ROWW, a charity that has helped survivors from several natural disasters. He was also a life-long surfer and had a huge passion for the ocean, and it’s inhabitants. His love for marine biology led to him starring in Expedition Great White for the National Geographic Channel.

Whenever a famous face passes I like to honour them by watching something that they were involved with, for example after the death of Tony Scott I settled in for a viewing on the incredible TRUE ROMANCE. If you do something similar we’ve compiled a list of five films to best remember him by.

8 below

EIGHT BELOW (2006) dir. Frank Marshall

Based on a real life expedition, EIGHT BELOW is a Disney tear-jerking classic. Walker stars alongside Jason Biggs, Moon Bloodgood and a mixture of eight adorable malamute and Siberian huskies, as Jerry Shepard, a guide working with his sled dogs in Antarctica. Against his better judgement Shepard and his sled team are coerced into helping a scientist in search of a rare bit of Mercury meteorite. The route they need to go is dangerous, more so thanks to the treacherous weather. Along the way the pair become injured, and rely on the dogs to take them back to camp. On arrival they are whisked away in a helicopter, leaving the dogs behind. The film then splits between the survival of the dogs and Shepard’s desperation to get back to them. His involvement in the film led Walker to become involved with several dog homing campaigns, again showcasing his philanthropic side.

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