Got to be careful with a title like that! No doubt some people came here hoping to see CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose involved in some kind of scandal, but it’s simply the title of his next horror film. SX_TAPE follows two young lovers, Adam and Jill, who decide their love life needs a jolt to the system. So it only makes sense that they make a sex tape…in an abandoned mansion. Now, hopefully it will be explained somewhere in the film as to why an abandoned mansion is the perfect place for filming, but it does sound like a case of stereotypical stupid white people in horror films.

The film premiered at the BFI Film Festival in October, but not a lot has been said about it and no distribution deal has yet taken place.Hopefully this will recapture some of the sheer terror and dramatic elements of Rose’s 1992 film CANDYMAN, which made a generation of kids scared to to sing the Sammy Davis Jr. classic in front of a mirror. These first three images certainly set the tone.

SX_TAPE is yet to receive a release date. It stars Caitlyn Folley and Ian Duncan.

Sx_tape 1 Sx_tape 2 Sx_tape 3

Source: Bloody Disgusting