All Change! Legendary’s ‘Warcraft’, ‘The Mummy’ & ‘Seventh Son’ Shift Release Dates

All Change! Legendary’s ‘Warcraft’, ‘The Mummy’ & ‘Seventh Son’ Shift Release Dates



We mention on this week’s ‘Hollywood Booze’ podcast (online tomorrow) about the planned release of the Duncan Jones directed WARCRAFT, and the fact that it shared the date with a certain movie named STAR WARS EPISODE VII. Well, it looks like Universal and Legendary Pictures have seen the light and moved the domestic release date from the 18th December, 2015 to 11th March, 2016. WARCRAFT is a massive movie for the studio and in line with the themes it shares with STAR WARS, a move was inevitable.

It’s not just WARCRAFT that Legendary are moving either. The studio, which departed from Warner Brothers earlier this year, are also moving the Jeff Bridges starrer THE SEVENTH SON to the 6th February, 2014 and the update of THE MUMMY to the 22nd April, 2016. Andy Muschietti (MAMA) is directing the film and Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (STAR TREK) are producing with Sean Daniel.  Jon Spaihts wrote the script.

Source: Collider


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