Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie will soon reunite with his JACK REACHER lead Tom Cruise and begin work on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5. However, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of THE USUAL SUSPECTS is already eying his follow-up project and it’s looking to be in keeping with the contemporary “noir” we’ve become accustomed to in his awesome directorial debut WAY OF THE GUN and of course, the adaptation of Lee Child’s heroic literary hero Reacher. Im addition, he also has his lead…

Colin Firth, who is currently shooting graphic novel adaptation THE SECRET SERVICE for Matthew Vaughn, is expected to take the lead in THREE TO KILL, as a businessman who witnesses a murder and is hunted by the killers. When his life is forced off the rails, he turns the tables on his pursuers. The film is based on the French novel by Jean-Patrick Machette and translated by Donald Nicholson Smith.

Source: Deadline