‘T2’s Robert Patrick & More Join ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’


Having received a press release earlier in the month, we reported on the early casting on the small-screen transition of Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 genre-bending exploitation classic FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. D.J. Cotrona was named as Seth Gecko, the role originally taken by George Clooney. Zane Holtz as his criminal brother Richie Gecko (portrayed by the hit film’s screenwriter Quentin Tarantino). Jesse Garcia and Don Johnson were also named in the recurring roles of Texas Ranger Freddie Gonzalez and Sheriff Earl McGraw respectively.

In addition, we can now confirm TERMINATOR 2 actor Robert Patrick (who previously led the straight-to-DVD sequel FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY), along with Madison Davenport and Brandon Soo Hoo, will play the Fuller family. These were the unlucky trio taken hostage by the criminal Gecko brothers – Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and Ernest Liu in the original – and forced to head to notorious Mexican meeting-point The Titty Twister. Eiza González takes on the role of the seductive dancer Santánico Pandemonium (famously cameoed by Salma Hayek), who as we know, boasts a fearsome bite! .

The ten-episode series coming from Rodriguez’s El Rey Network will begin airing the December with Robert Rodriguez directing the opening two episodes.

Source: El Rey

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