Earlier today we brought you news of the latest name linked to the super villain role of balding billionaire Lex Luthor in the forthcoming MAN OF STEEL sequel, currently going under the title of BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. While it’s thought Lost actor Terry O’Quinn is rumoured to be on the shortlist (along with fan favourite Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong), we’ve heard via the trusted folks at Latino Review that one familiar name known for working with director Zack Synder has already auditioned for a major supporting role… but was turned down.

WATCHMEN’s Rorschach, better known as acclaimed actor Jackie Earle Haley, has apparently screen-tested for a role in the superhero sequel uniting “The Last Son Of Krypton” and the crime-fighting “Caped Crusader”. Haley was previously a child actor best known for his role in the 1970s BAD NEWS BEARS franchise, before gaining a new lease of life thanks to his Oscar-nominated performance as a convicted pedophile in the controversial drama LITTLE CHILDREN.

It’s not known what role he’d auditioned for but given his balding appearance, it’s not hard to hazard a guess.

TWITTER SCOOP! JACKIE EARLE HALEY auditioned for a role in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN but they passed on him. Gee, I wonder what he went in for? RT

— elmayimbe (@elmayimbe) November 11, 2013

Would Haley have been your choice for Lex Luthor or do see any of the aforementioned trio as a better fit?

Source: El Mayimbe/Latino Review