Lets be honest, any meaningful actor without a full head of hair has a chance of being linked to the lead villain role in Zack Snyder’s untitled MAN OF STEEL sequel (possibly titled BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN). A blockbuster that will see the Krytonian saviour take on or team up with the brooding Caped Crusader.

Most of the recent focus has either been on casting the inclusion of Batman (who as we now know will be played by Ben Affleck), his rumoured sidekick Nightwing or the lead female of Amazonian warrior Princess Wonder Women. All with many names attached. While the billionaire businessman with a penchant for making Kal-El’s life a misery has almost been forgotten about since both Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston were being talked up as potential favourites. Some even believing Cranston had signed a muti-picture deal.

Following the recent live event in which director Snyder offered a little insight in to where things may go after the battle of Metropolis against Zod (Michael Shannon) and his cronies, the director hinted that Luthor will play a major part in the his upcoming effort. Now, we have a new name being thrown into to mix for the power-hungry antagonist previously (and playfully) portrayed by Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey on the big-screen, and Michael Rosenbaum and John Shea on the small.

LOST actor Terry O’Quinn may not be as big a name as those previously mentioned but he’s a damn fine actor said to be have been given close consideration. While fans of the J.J. Abrams-created series will know him as survivalist John Locke, I remember him best as the psychopathic Jerry Blake looking for that perfect family unit in the tense, underrated thriller THE STEPFATHER (1987) and its sequel.


Do you think O’Quinn would fit the bill as Lex Luthor? Do let us know.

Source: Superman Super Site


  1. “…but he’s a damn fine actor who said to being given close consideration.”
    Did you mean “who is said to be given close consideration.”
    And who said it? An anonymous source? A member of the cast? Was it Snyder as the previous paragraph implies? Pronouns! Use pronouns!

  2. Or you could just exercise a bit of patience, and maybe wait until the casting announcement is made…

  3. No thank you. Terry O’Quinn is a fine actor but this is not the role for him. He’d be more of the wise, guidance type, NOT evil billionaire mastermind. Bryan Cranston is the right choice and I hope Zack Snyder and the casting agents aren’t turned off from him because of him being widely known as the OTHER bald bad guy, Walter White. Cranston would be the PERFECT Luthor and those know who know what a perfectionist Cranston is with his roles, know he’d go out of his way to differentiate the roles while still playing a perfect Lex Luthor.


  4. Because at the time the article was written this was all speculation and thus a fruitless effort. If you are looking for information on who is being cast as Lex Luthor perhaps you are best served waiting for an official announcement on who is being cast…rather than rampant speculation. Spoiler: It is Colombus (Zombieland).