Joe WrightAfter last year’s ANNA KARENINA, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting Joe Wright’s next project. Last year there were mutterings concerning a Houdini biopic, but since then all has been quiet. Now it seems as though Wright will be travelling to Neverland for a Peter Pan origin film courtesy of Warner Bros. Writer of ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT, Jason Fuchs, is penning the screenplay and Greg Berlanti (Arrow) producing. However, they may want to speed things up a bit, as a rival film from Columbia Pictures, titled NEVERLAND is underway with Channing Tatum and Joe Roth producing. That screenplay is written by Billy Ray, who penned the underrated SHATTERED GLASS.

There have been countless Peter Pan films over the years, so it’s pretty hard to get too excited by two coming along at once, especially when both are being pitched as origin tales. However, the competitive aspect may actually inspire each team to make the best film they possibly can (we can hope).

Source: THR