Lex Luthor.

One of the many questions raised by Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL sequel BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is who will the villain of the film be?. Many have assumed that Lex Luthor may make his cinematic return and become the primary antagonist of the piece however it is only now that Snyder has hinted at this being the case.

With the abundance of rumours surrounding possible appearances of characters such as Wonder Woman and Nightwing, fans have been left wondering who will take on these characters as the villain. Lex Luthor has been previously played by Gene Hackman (SUPERMAN THE MOVIE) and Kevin Spacey (SUPERMAN RETURNS) which was the characters last appearance on the big screen. This of course not forgetting Michael Rosenbaum’s acclaimed take on the character in televisions SMALLVILLE that ran from 2001 to 2011.

Now Luthor may finally make his return to the silver screen in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN to take on Henry Cavill’s brand new interpretation of the big blue boy scout. In a live fan event webcast promoting the MAN OF STEEL DVD release Snyder has given his first solid indication that Luthor will feature in the film. During discussion on Superman Snyder let slip:

‘Lex loves calling him an alien’.

At this point it seems like a given that Lex Luthor will appear in the sequel after the references made to the character in MAN OF STEEL, however this seems to confirm the news. The only question now is who will play the chrome-domed villain, will it be Bryan Cranston?, will Michael Rosenbaum get his wish and reprise his role on the big screen? or will it be someone else entirely?. Either way the dynamic between him and Cavill’s Superman should be interesting, not to mention the relationship Luthor will share will Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne as a fellow Billionaire businessman.

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Source: Bleeding Cool