Over the last few days we’ve seen an intense viral video and clip surface for FilmDistrict’s remake of Park Chan-wook‘s international cult smash OLDBOY, which itself was inspired by the same-titled graphic novel. Now we bring you the latest green-band trailer and new batch of images for film directed by Spike Lee and led by the brooding Josh Brolin.

Brolin stars as Joe Doucett, an advertising executive who is kidnapped for mysterious reasons and imprisoned for twenty years. Suddenly released with no explanation, he becomes determined in tracking down the person responsible. Raging a one-man revenge mission in his quest for answers.

Speaking to the L.A. Times, Brolin spoke candidly about Lee’s vision and his earlier, epic three hour directors cut, which Brolin added “I do have opinions, but it’s better to bite my tongue”. The version of the film which he prefers and which was cut down for a theatrical release





OLDBOY also co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, Lance Reddick, Michael Imperioli, James Ransone and Samuel L. Jackson. It opens in the US on the 27th November and the UK 6th December.

Source: Apple/The Playlist