Author Tom Clancy sadly passed away on 1st October 2013. While he was known to many for the video games that bore his name, such as the acclaimed SPLINTER CELL series (a film adaptation is in the works starring Tom Hardy as stealthy agent Sam Fisher), his most iconic characters are found in his many novels.

None is more iconic than Jack Ryan, a CIA financial analyst who becomes drawn into the world of espionage as a spy. The character has already featured in four films: he was portrayed by Alec Baldwin in 1990’s THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, by Harrison Ford in 1992’s PATRIOT GAMES and 1994’s CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER and Ben Affleck played a younger Ryan in the 2002 reboot THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. The character is being rebooted once more in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, which is set to release on January 2014 and stars STAR TREK’s Chris Pine. 3 new images have been released for the film by Paramount, showing Branagh directing an action scene in a bathroom and the first look at Ryan’s fiancée Cathy, played by Keira Knightley.

The film chronicles Jack Ryan’s career post-9/11, covering his transition from serving as a soldier to working with the CIA to stopping a terrorist plot. Though it is an original story, it is firmly in Clancy’s style. This is one action fans won’t want to miss; Branagh’s last big-budget blockbuster THOR went down a storm (pun very much intended).

Here are the images:




JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT also stars director Branagh and Kevin Costner. It releases on 17th January 2014.

Source: Collider