Marisa TomeiLA VIDA ROBOT, or “The Robot Life” if I’ve translated that correctly, has added a less robotic cast member in the form of Oscar winner Marisa Tomei. She will join George Lopez in the film based on a Wired magazine article which in turn was based on a true story. The film follows 4 undocumented Mexicans in the US, who decide to enter the National Robotics Competition, despite only having $800 and used car parts. Together they dream of taking down previous winners MIT.

Pantelion Films, a joint venture between Lionsgate and Mexican media corporation, Televisa, are producing the film. Their CEO Paul Presburger has this to say about Tomei’s involvement:

We are fortunate to have a star of Marisa’s caliber join the film. Marisa and George combine to give LA VIDA ROBOT the star power and cross-cultural appeal that has become a Pantelion trademark, and together they tell an incredible true story.

Tomei will play a teacher that supports and encourages the team of robot builders. Sounds like a truly inspirational story with the potential for a lot of comedy as well. Not to mention the immigration debate rages on, so this film could be the complete package.

LA VIDA ROBOT has just started principle photography in New Mexico.

Source: ComingSoon