They’ve struck up quite a friendship over the years while working on the likes of VALKYRIE and the B-movie brilliance that was JACK REACHER. Now writer/director Christopher McQuarrie and actor Tom Cruise are set to embark on another collaboration. It’s confirmed MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 is set to begin shooting in London at the beginning February. If you’re out and about in the UK capital maybe could spot a bit of action being shot with the likeable, all-smiling superstar.

Furthermore, McQuarrie has also signed on to direct and produce a live-action version 1970s anime adventure STAR BLAZERS (aka SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO) for Cruise’s Skydance Productions. It’s actually a project he wrote for the company back in 2011. Those not familiar with the sci-fi source material, it’s a story centred on an battered old spaceship in the year 2199, where it must venture to another planet and pick a cargo that can save a dying Earth. Unfortunately, the crew face a fight for survival themselves when coming under attack from aliens using radioactive weaponry.

One final note on the Oscar-winning THE USUAL SUSPECTS writer. If you haven’t already done so, catch his 2000 directorial debut THE WAY OF THE GUN! It’s bloody (literally) fantastic!

Source: Deadline