Directer Wayne Kramer’s underrated and outstanding fantasy-like crime-thriller THE COOLER is a film I absolutely love. Alec Baldwin was Oscar-nominated for his ruthless role of a struggling manager of the Mob-owned casino in the fading part of Las Vegas. This makes this news exciting for myself and any fans of that film as Baldwin and Kramer are set to re-team on another project, a full ten years after their first.

CAUGHT STEALING will see Baldwin star opposite Patrick Wilson as a sadistic cop in an adaptation of Charlie Huston’s novel. The film has a screenplay by X-MEN’s David Hayter with Wilson playing a former top high school basketball player, now-down-on-his-luck and going-nowhere bartender, who is mistakenly caught up in a bloody treasure hunt through New York City. It’s thought this could have franchise potential as CAUGHT STEALING is the first of a trilogy of books by Huston.

Source: Variety

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