Though it’s original announcement was met with some hostility the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES film has started to garner more interest and respect in recent months. Arguable one the main reasons for this was the casting of the ultimate ‘that guy’ William Fitchner as The Shredder.

Fans of the original cartoon series, which turns thirty next year, will remember The Shredder as the quartets most notorious villain. We at THN were lucky enough to speak to star William Fitchner as he promoted new online television series Crossing Lines. Whilst we had his undivided attention we took the opportunity to quiz him about the Michael Bay produced movie and he was very excited to share his experience.

Firstly the turtles are going to be live action a la THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Rocket Raccoon and Fitchner believes that we are going to be blown away with how they look: “They are some messed up mutant turtles!”

He also divulged that his version of Eric Sachs a.k.a The Shredder is a departure from what we’ve seen before with his portrayal being the darkest version of the character:

“What I read about Eric Sachs in the script was great, and then how the character has been moulded and changed when we started filming has become something really quite remarkable in terms of what we’ve seen before of the character.”

He also confirmed that The Shredder’s bumbling mutant henchmen B-Bop and Rocksteady are not in the movie.

Fitchner was overflowing with enthusiasm about the project and he has a knack for picking out good projects so things definitely appear to be looking up for everyones favourite eighties heroes in a half shell.

The film is set for release 8th August 2014.

Source: THN

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  1. Let me see if I got all this, I’m guess that having William Fichtner as Shredder means that Shredder is not a ninja.

    He also is obviously not Japanese and I’m guess that Shredder’s name is now Eric Sachs? That means the whole Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki backstory/rivalry doesn’t exist either.

    So if he’s not a ninja, not Japanese and not Oroku Saki I guess that means he has no reason to wear the Shredder costume because it’s a ninja/samurai costume.

    If all of that is true then the Shredder is basically some generic white guy crime lord and the name “Shredder” will have nothing to do with bladed samurai armor.

    If he does wear bladed samurai armor…….wait why would some random white guy crime lord wear bladed samurai armor?

  2. The cartoon does NOT turn 30 until 2017. The COMIC BOOK came out in 1984, making 2014 the 30th anniversary of the characters who started out in comic books. I REALLY hope that Eric Sachs has something Japanese about him and that Eric Sachs is like John Harrison in the last Star Trek. “Back then, I was known as…Oroku Saki!”