Josh Brolin

Lets not beat around the dino bush here but despite two rather average, yet enjoyable enough sequels, we’re all still pumped for a round of prehistoric pandemonium. That’s obviously down the our love of Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking 1993 classic JURASSIC PARK. Both THE LOST WORLD and JURASSIC PARK III had their moments, yet non come close to the tense Oscar-winning theme park-gone-awry original.

This week has saw a couple of more names added to the expected casting Bryce Dallas Howard in Universal Pictures’ forthcoming dino rampage JURASSIC WORLD. IRON MAN 3 and INSIDIOUS’ young Ty Simpkins and star of breakout indie comedy, THE KINGS OF SUMMER, Nick Robinson. While a SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED reunion could also be on the cards with Jake Johnson also linked. However, we’ve news of the biggest name so far being offered the lead role in the film set to be directed by Colin Trevorrow.

Soon to be seen Spike Lee’s remake of controversial revenge thriller OLDBOY, Josh Brolin has apparently been told the role is his is he wants it. We’re a big fan of Brolin here in the offices of THN and maybe it’s about time he’s given a chance in a big budget blockbuster. Frank Marshall, Pat Crowly and Steven Speilberg will again produce.

JURASSIC WORLD is currently set for cinemas 12 June 2015.