Whereas many know Richard Ayoade for portraying the board game-reviewing computer geek Maurice Moss in Channel 4’s THE IT CROWD (‘Four! I mean, five! I mean, fire!’), less people know that he was BAFTA-nominated for his critically-acclaimed 2010 directorial debut SUBMARINE. Now, Ayoade’s second film THE DOUBLE, which he directed and co-wrote (alongside Avi Korine, brother of Harmony), has been picked up for release in the US by Magnolia Pictures. The independent film screened at the Toronto International Film Festival last month to some great reviews.

THE DOUBLE stars Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska and is based on Dostoyevsky’s novella ‘The Double: A Petersburg Poem’. In the story, Simon (Eisenberg) begins to lose his mind after he finds that a doppelgänger has taken over his life. Even more infuriatingly, his copy is better than him in every way – the man he can only dream of being.

THE DOUBLE premiered at the Toronto and London film festivals and is set for release some time in 2014. Keep an eye on THN for more details in the future. Oh, and keep your other eye alert for a double ready to usurp your life.

Source: FirstShowing