While a big-screen blockbuster centred on cult Hasbro toy STRETCH ARMSTRONG was first announced way back in 2012, we’ve heard little on the project in the last year. This despite Relativity Media setting a cinematic release for April 2014. SAHARA and THE CRAZIES director Breck Eisner was tasked with helming the film, which was set to star the appropriately plastic TWILIGHT prop Taylor Lautner. Now the studio have released a short statement confirming they’re currently no longer moving forward with the project:

Stretch Armstrong is an incredible character who will make an amazing movie, and we know that Hasbro has some new ideas they are looking at. Relativity and Hasbro have a tremendous relationship, and we decided to focus on other projects. We look forward to continuing to work together.

It was hardly a project to pump a tonne of cash into and one that few would be lining up on opening day. Perhaps Lautner’s flex at the multiplex has waned since his dud ABDUCTION and is no longer looked at as a leading man (or even wardrobe), if he ever was. Outside the sleep-inducing TWILIGHT franchise I can’t even recall another of his films!

Are you upset that STRECH ARMSTRONG is no longer in development? Do let us know.

Source: Relativity Media