The November Criminals

Chloe Moretz has had a great year, with KICK-ASS 2 allowing her to return as the infamous Hit-Girl and the CARRIE remake just around the corner. It looks as though Moretz is already eyeing her next leading role, a part in HITCHCOCK director Sacha Gervasi’s THE NOVEMBER CRIMINALS. Based on the 2011 novel written by Sam Munson. The film will follow Addison Schacht, a drug dealing high school senior who becomes obsessed with investigating the murder of his classmate. Moretz would play the best friend of the protagonist, Digger (real name Phoebe).

It sounds like a wonderful high school set crime film along the lines of BRICK. I’d hope for a similar film noir atmosphere, but that’s only based on the plot synopsis. The cover of the book would make an excellent poster, as it depicts a number of portraits with the faces replaced with finger prints. EASTERN PROMISES’ screenwriter Steven Knight penned the original adaptation of the screenplay, which Gervasi has tinkered with himself.

Source: TheWrap