john magaroAnother promising face has joined Angelina Jolie’s new project. It was announced that John Magaro will be joining SKINS star Jack O’Connell to co star in UNBROKEN, an adaptation of the nonfictional book by Laura Hillenbrand.

The project, which will be directed by Jolie, tells the true story of Olympian-turned-WWII prisoner of war Louis Zamperini. O’Connell will star as Zamperini, while Magaro will play Frank A. Tinker, an Air Force pilot and opera singer who befriends Zamperini on the way to a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Magaro does not have many film projects under his belt, but has had roles in NOT FADE AWAY, MY SOUL TO TAKE and more recently LIBERAL ARTS.

Filming begins late October, with a Christmas 2014 release date already in place.

The film is looking promising, but then again Ms Jolie has to make this project look it after her directorial debut (but we still love you Angie…)

Source: Deadline