Coming ‘From the producer of INSIDIOUS and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and filmmakers of THE DEVIL INSIDE’, is lycan-themed thriller WER. Yes, some fool has allowed William Brent Bell back behind the camera of another genre effort, despite some truly woeful reviews for his previous two fright flicks. His surprise box-office hit THE DEVIL INSIDE causing genuine outrage from horror fans for not only being not at all scary but a seriously shocking finale (not in a good either either).

CRIMINAL MINDS actress A.J. Cook leads the film as a defence attorney who begins to suspect that her client, charged with the murders of a vacationing family, may well be werwolf. Those hoping Bell has vacated the found-footage format will be sadly disappointed. Yes, it’s that shite again!

Check out the first trailer of the film co-starring Brian J. O’Connor, Sebastian Roché, Vik Sahay, Stephanie Lemelin, Simon Quarterman and Brian Johnson.

Source: Eone

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