Steven CSteven C. Miller is all set for his next directorial outing, SUBMERGED. The plot follows a group of college kids fighting for their lives after their limousine becomes submerged (that’s the title) in a canal. Sounds as though it could be yet another interesting claustrophobic/survivalist horror in the vein of OPEN WATER and FROZEN. MOTHER’S DAY remake writer Scott Milam is penning the screenplay, while Evolution Entertainment’s Brad Kaplan and Tiffany Kuzon are producing.

I love minimalist horror films, and Steven C. Miller has done some great work. Most notably, for me at least, his under rated TV movie, SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE, which was a hell of a lot of fun as well as featuring some unforgettable practical effects. He followed it up with another immensely enjoyable horror, UNDER THE BED. I’m yet to see his last film, a remake of seasonal horror SILENT NIGHT, but as the winter months creep in, I’ll be checking that out soon,

Source: THR